Integrum database services

Integrum databases include electronic versions of full text documents that cover any issue of public importance, thus ensuring global monitoring of the Russian information space.

Thousands of documents from press, radio and TV, commercial and governmental structures' open documents, materials available online and directories including those recently published, are added every day. Overall, Integrum stores more than 40,000 mass media titles of Russia, Ukraine and the FSU.

Integrum consists of the following groups of databases:

Central press Addresses and Phones
Central news agencies Business security
Regional newspapers Literature
Regional news agencies Libraries and archives
Foreign publications Business Reference Info/ Analytics
Foreign news agencies Law
Publications CIS Archives Foreign
News agencies CIS Information of governmental organizations
Internet media Production catalogues
TV and Radio monitoring Who is Who
Archives Official statistics
Integrum newspaper Regional geography
Archives Regional Financial news
Photo TV and Radio monitoring online

INTEGRUM™ Profi (Artefact)

The search engine INTEGRUM™ Profi (Artefact) provides users with the unique opportunities, which are made up of four main components:

- modules of coordinated morphological search, which enable users to conduct a search by all the wordforms and related words;

- "Query language" allows defining the criteria of documents selection in the most accurate way;

- the "Search area set up" function permits to choose the information form and subject area, making it also possible to conduct a search both by a specific source and by the all sources simultaneously;

- the display of the "Search results" in the form of reports and lists allows assessing the context, where the specific terms are used, and also enables users to classify and sort the information for the search of the required documents.

In order to simplify the use of the Artefact query language, a service Typical Query was developed. This is a tool allowing to perform the most popular searches by a single click. The typical queries are templates, so that, when using them, all you have to do is enter specific data, such as a company name, field of activities, region, name of a person, etc.

Integrum financial and analytical services

INTEGRUM™ Companies

Database of official information on more than 29 million companies and private entrepreneurs registered in Russia: bank and account details, accounting sheets, data on state contracts, investments, affiliated companies and foreign economic activity.

My Integrum

The service performs 24/7 automated monitoring of many thousands of newspapers, magazines, news wires and other mass media of Russia, Ukraine and the FSU (40,000 sources).

Integrum Social Networks

The service provides 24/7 monitoring of the most popular social networks and blogs, including Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte. Integrum's personal customer managers will assist you in setting up the topics ("Themes") you would like to monitor.