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The company Integrum WorldWide provides access to the Integrum databases to libraries, research centers, universities, governmental organizations, commercial companies and individual researchers.


The subscription involves access to unlimited number of documents in the databases. The cost of subscription for the organization depends on the subscriber’s category (public library, university, government or commercial organization), subscription period (minimum 3 months), number of passwords and chosen services (INTEGRUM™ Profi, INTEGRUM™ Profi – Central Press only, INTEGRUM™ Profi for individual researchers, INTEGRUM™ Companies, My Integrum, Integrum Social Networks).

User authorization is managed through login/password and is limited by the IP addresses of the organization. The number of simultaneous users is limited by the number of passwords. Thus two users cannot access the databases using one password at the same time.

Access for unlimited number of simultaneous users within the organization limited by IP addresses only (without login/passwords) is also available. The price of such access is subject to discussion.

Free trial access is provided for libraries, universities and research centers for the period of 1 month, for commercial and other organizations for two weeks. To get information on the cost of subscription or to get a free trial fill in the registration form below or you may contact us at

Individual researchers

Individual researchers may choose a "pay-per- view" option that allows to obtain a required document without signing an agreement. In this case a special form should be filled in and the prepayment should be made by card here or you may contact us at

Special offer for individual researchers

Subscribe to INTEGRUM™ Profi (Artefact) and access the largest electronic archive of Russian mass media at special rates:

150$/3 months

240$/6 months

420$/12 months

To learn more about our offer please fill out the form (select INTEGRUM™ Profi for individual researchers) or contact us at

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