INTEGRUM™ Profi is the world's largest archive of mass media of Russia and the FSU, flexible search engine including a range of the professional analytic tools for research in any field of Russian studies. The Integrum digital library offers a solution to acquisition problems in libraries and universities.

People today

This service makes it possible to compile a list of the 100 people most often mentioned in the press during the day.

Who? Where? When?

This service enables you to use the Integrum factual database containing information from open sources about people and organizations employing them.

Relative statistics

This service is useful for the detailed study of object reportability (company, person, event, etc.). Relative statistics also allows you to find out how the reportability of one object depends on the reportability of another.

Comparative statistics

The Comparative statistics service is designed for comparative analysis of references to similar competing objects (companies, people, events, etc.)

Catalogue of sources (beta)

This service will help to define all the sources on the specified topic.

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