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Integrum World Wide

The company Integrum World Wide provides access to the Integrum databases outside the Russian Federation.

Integrum is the largest collection of Russian and CIS databases covering a wide range of topics. At the beginning of 2014 Integrum contained approximately 500 million documents related to Russia. The scope of more than 7000 databases covers all national and regional newspapers and magazines, statistics, official publications, archives of the leading national and international information agencies, full texts of thousands of literary works, dictionaries, and more.
Archives of many newspapers and magazines date back to the beginning of the 1990s, e.g. Nezavisimaya gazeta (1990), Kommersant, Izvestiya (1991), Moscow News, Moscow Times, Argumenty i fakty, Krasnaya zvezda, Literaturnaya gazeta, Moskovskiy komsomolets, Pravda KPRF (1992).

Integrum is not only a unique by its coverage database but also is a set of professional research tools which facilitate Russian mass-media monitoring and any research work in the field of Russian studies, political science or economy.

Among our clients are such well known organizations as British Library, Oxford University, RFE/RL (Radio Liberty) and many other institutions, libraries, universities, information agencies from all over the world.