Who? Where? When?


This daily updated service is based on the information published in the mass media. It relies on the Integrum factual database and enables to find instantly the information about famous people and organizations. Each record of the biography can be checked by reading the corresponding article.

The service has two main interfaces: Search by persons and organizations and Search by colleagues and connected organizations.

Search by persons and organizations

This service allows getting information on the place of work of a certain person, studying his career profile.

For example, we can find out that the current Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov took position of the Chairman of the Security Council.

The other option of this service, Search by organizations, enables to conduct a search of a person who works (worked in the past) in the certain position for a certain organization. For example, a user can easily learn who previously held and is holding at this moment the post of the General Director of the company Rosneft.

Search by colleagues and connected organizations

This service enables to find links between two people or two companies. For example, a user can easily find out what a famous politician Boris Gryzlov and an illustrious sportsman Vladislav Tretiak have in common.

For more detailed information on this service please contact us at support@integrumworld.com.