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Dear friends! Integrum World Wide congratulates you with a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We wish you optimism, everlasting vigor and unquenchable liveliness, strong health and prosperity, fulfillment of the most cherished dreams. Let the coming 2010 bring you only the pleasant changes.


The databases of the Scientific Information Institute on the Social Sciences are indispensable part of the information and bibliographical support of the educational and research processes in the social and classical sphere.

The bibliography databases of the Scientific Information Institute on the Social Sciences have been kept since 1980. They represent annotated descriptions of books and articles, which have been received by the library of the Scientific Information Institute on the Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We are glad to inform that the bibliography cards of the Scientific Information Institute on the Social Sciences for the years 2001-2008 have become available in the Integrum databases this year. Formerly the users of Integrum had access only to the records for the years 1981-2001.

Today Integrum contains about 800 000 bibliography cards from the following subject collections of the Scientific Information Institute on the Social Sciences:

• Economics and demography

• Philosophy and social science

• religious studies

• jurisprudence

• study of literature

• linguistics

• sociology of science

• history

To get more detailed information please contact us at


We are proud to announce that Integrum World Wide will participate in the Annual Conference COSEELIS that will be held at Clare College, Mary Sunley Building, Cambridge, UK on the 6-7th of April 2009.


The year 2008 can be reasonably considered vivid by the significance of events, having taken place in the economics, politics and society. Therefore, the role of newspapers, magazines and information-analytical agencies, those, who deal with covering these events, has increased greatly.

According to the data, provided by the Analytical and Monitoring Department of IA Integrum, in the first six months of 2008 the newspapers “Kommersant’”, “Vedomosti” and “Rossiiskaya gazeta” were the leaders of the rating, having taken the first, the second and the third places. In the second half of 2008 “Vedomosti” took the lead over “Kommersant’” and the place of “Rossiiskaya gazeta” didn’t change.

This rating is composed using the unique set of tools, which permits to define the actual interest of the professional audience in the information, presented in this or that edition. The popularity of the mass media is estimated, taken into consideration the ratio of users’ access to the materials in the Integrum databases. It allows avoiding the information noise and getting maximum reliable results.

To read the full report of the Analytical Department of the Integrum Information Agency «Rating of the most popular Russian mass media for the second half of the year 2008» (120 Кб) in Russian.


Dear friends! On behalf of all of us at Integrum World Wide we wish you all the best in the upcoming year of 2009.


We are proud to announce that Integrum World Wide will participate in The 40th National Convention of the AAASS that will be held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 20 -23, 2008.
We will be pleased to meet you at IW booth #412 and answer all your questions.


In order to create convenience for users, Integrum re-formed its databases of mass media in new groups:

Сentral press
Central Agencies
Regional Newspapers
Regional Agencies
Foreign publications
Foreign news agencies
Publications CIS
News Agencies (CIS)

We sincerely hope that these updates will make work with Integrum services easier and simpler.


We are glad to announce that Integrum World Wide is participating in the Fifteenth Jubilee International Conference "Crimea 2008": Libraries and Information Resources in the Modern World of Science, Culture, Education, and Business, that takes place on June 7-15, 2008 in the Crimea, Ukraine.

We would be pleased to meet you at our booth no. 42 to answer any questions you may have about Integrum services and terms of subscriptions. In case you need additional information or would like to schedule a meeting, please, write us at

You are welcome to read our report "Using «Integrum» Information
Retrieval System in Human Studies"


Integrum launched a new staggering information service for businessmen and researchers in the field of Russian economy.
INTEGRUM™ Companies is a database that collects together different kinds of financial accounts of Russian enterprises. It will enable you to view credit, analytic and marketing company profiles and to study the corporate structure of a company.

Subscribe to this service and get the financial information about more than 1, 5 million first-rate Russian companies. For further information please contact us at


We are proud to announce that Integrum World Wide will participate in ABDOS Conference that will take place in Marburg, Germany on May, 26-28. We will be pleased to meet you at the conference and answer all your questions.


Integrum and Prime-TASS information agency have made one more step in their cooperation: Prime-TASS professional economic news are now available to all Integrum subscribers. The services INTEGRUM™ Profi and Catalog of sources allow to read the latest news and to search the necessary information. All the documents of this information agency will be included into the group "News Agencies (Russia, CIS, ...)" and can be found through all your corresponding queries.


INTEGRUM™ Index – a new free service for mass media monitoring!

This is a new free service for online mass media monitoring. It is the simplest way to measure the index of hits related to a person or a company in mass media. Special diagrams will help to compare the frequency of two or more objects mentioning in Russian mass media.


Integrum offers the unique chance of subscription to separate electronic versions of the best Russian newspapers and magazines.


New version of Integrum - now you get the search results even faster than before: the retrieval rate has increased by 300%!
-New ergonomic design makes it possible to work more efficiently: you have everything at your fingertips and you are able to work without instructions.
-The system of error handling has been considerably updated, now it works even better than before.
-The system has become more stable and now it is able to carry even a greater information load than used to.



INTEGRUM launched a new product, INTEGRUM™ Finance (FIRA), a professional search engine for economic information about Russian enterprises, economic sectors and main lines of business in section of Russian Federation entities. The service makes it possible to trace the trade tendencies and to increase the quality of investment plan development.


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