Typical queries

The interface TYPICAL contains search queries for the most popular topics. These queries are templates with definite information related to the date of an event, biographic data, an interview, information about companies and regions, political parties and elections.

Choose the topic of your query in the menu, enter the query into the field and press the button SEARCH.



Typical queries are divided into 8 groups:

Information on a region
Information on a company
Numeric data
Information on a person


Typical queries from this group allow finding statements of famous people, published in the press, information on advertising activity of the company, analyzing references to sponsor events and new projects of the company.


Quatation search

If you are interested in the most recent statements of the Russian president, published in the Central press, choose the typical query Пресс служба: цитирование. Enter name Медведев, specify the time range, for example, today, click uncheck all, choose the group Mass media: Central Press and press SEARCH.

Tip. If retrieved documents don’t suit you, return to the page of typical query (search) and turn to advanced interface. There will be a template of your query in the search window. You can edit it at your discretion.


These typical queries help to find references to the party’s activity in Duma, publications on a certain party in connection with elections, to search for legislative initiations of a party, to find joint references to a party or an authority.