Search by fields

If you need to find a document by a title, an issue number, an author or to limit the search area by one or several sources, you can use the interface FIELDS. You can use the elements of Query Language in each field.
For instance, you need to find all the articles from the newspapers “Kommersant’”, “Vremia novostei” and “Izvestiia” the titles of which contain the word "выборы" (elections) and related words, you should enter in the source field: Известия или Коммерсантъ или Время новостей; in the title field: выборы!п, check the group Central press, choose the needed date range and press the button SEARCH.

Not all the printed newspapers and magazines have the fields Issue and Author; that’s why while searching in these fields you will get results only from those sources that contain them.