Basket is a special service intended for storing, packing, clustering, downloading documents on the computer and then working with them during some period of time.

To view the contents of the basket click Basket from every page of Integrum Profi (Artefact).


Sending documents to the Basket

Documents can be sent to the basket while viewing the fragments or viewing the full text of a document.

While viewing the documents fragments, set pointers on the left of the needed documents and press TO BASKET. The cost of the documents, sent to the Basket, is indicated at this button.

While viewing the full text press the icon В корзину, and the document will be sent to the Basket.


Documents arrangement in the Basket

Documents in the Basket are arranged in a three-level structure. At the upper level there are folders (for example, Reports and Archives), which consist of packs. The packs are organized by the time tag and in the chronological order. Both folders and packs are opened clicking the sign «+». You can fulfill all the necessary operations with the selected documents – delete, move the documents in other folder, format, create an account or an archive.

To sort the documents in the archives, you can replace them, using up-down arrows. Press the button SAVE after the shift.

Making a report

Making a report is one of the most important functions of the Basket. An account is a html document, composed of several Integrum documents.

Set pointers on the left of the needed documents in the Basket and press Создать отчёт button. A new report will be created in the folder Reports and archives. Its name will be created on default based on the precise date and time of the creation. To rename it, press the icon параметры. Click its title to view the full report.


Additional possibilities

You can download any file in the Basket – a report, a document or a zip-archive, clicking the icon загрузить or send by e-mail using the icon отправить по e-mail.