Choosing a date range

At the query page there is a drop-down list for selecting search refinement criteria: by documents date (by default) and by document’s load time. Next to it there is a list with typical, frequently used time range borders: today, for 3 days, for a month…

To enter the time range in the free format, you should choose a date range in this list and insert the time borders by the following scheme:

Exact date (day, month, year) –, for example, 01.01.2001

You can specify download time after a comma or a space - hour, minute, second - 01.01.2001, 12:00:30

accuracy up to a month - mm.yyyy - 01.2001

accuracy up to a year – yyyy - 2001

Open range - * (asterisk)

Apart from that, in the top right corner there's a drop-down list containing frequently used time ranges - 3 days, month, etc. Choosing one of them will automatically fill in boxes "from" and "to".


Tip. As Integrum databases contain a huge ammount of documents a week is a date range set on default .